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Milk, Inc. Kevin Rose

We’re shining the neon light on our first named judge; who if you didn’t know, grew up in Las Vegas (he even hosted a few episodes of DiggNation in the valley). Not only is Kevin Rose coming back to help us launch the inaugural Startup Weekend Vegas, he’s also giving us some insight on entrepreneurship.

What unique opportunities do you see in Las Vegas?

With rising costs in the Bay Area, Las Vegas is uniquely positioned to be the alternative tech hub.  Low cost of living, inexpensive office space, and favorable tax rates make it the ideal place to start something new.

How many businesses have you started? What got you started?

Growing up in Las Vegas I watched both my parents start independent businesses.  This allowed me to see firsthand how fun and exciting starting something new can be.  I’ve started three companies to date:,, and

What does your new company Milk, Inc do?

We build mobile social apps, more news soon!


We want to build apps that enhance people’s lives.

How do you stay focused / productive? How do you get your day started?

Tea is a must to begin any day, it’s the fuel that keeps me going.

If our readers could solve any problem. What should they build for you?

Hmm, potentially a system for housebreaking my puppy.

As an angel investor, how can SW Vegas attendees peak your interest and keep it well after the pitch?

Show me a working prototype!

Tips for new entrepreneurs?

Most pitches I receive start with “I have this idea…” but yet they haven’t taken the time to wireframe, design, or build a working prototype.  Stop talking/pitching and start building, if you want to win you need to believe in your idea and take the bull by the horns.

Keep the movement growing by checking out Kevin Rose aka @KevinRose and Thanks again Kevin.

We’re going to put on an amazing event! Are you ready to build?

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