Neon9: Bloomworlds – Todd R. Levy


BloomWorlds Todd R. Levy


We’ve all been there. Looking for an app in any app store amongst the hundreds in any vertical is beyond daunting. Now, try to imagine the stress of finding an app that won’t currupt your device but is also family friendly. BloomWorlds, founded by Las Vegan Todd R. Levy and Darrell Brogdon, is narrowing in on that niche by curating an Android app store designed for the entire family from “My First Apps” to “Campus Life”.

Why Las Vegas? What unique business/startup opportunities do you see?

I went to high school here and wanted to return to start BloomWorlds. We are early
adapters to the Vegas tech scene. What other cool, hip major metropolitan areas can you say that about?

The Vegas lifestyle is amazing; the cost of living and doing business is very low, the weather is warm, and there are tons of conferences to attend for free or next to nothing. Not to mention we have an international airport, it is only an hour flight to San Francisco/Silicon Valley, and there are cheap deals to NYC.

The unique differentiator: People always want to come to Vegas to visit and meet you.

What motivated you to start and lead companies?

I got sick and tired of my corporate gig and wanted to start something of my own as a
challenge. Once I figured out the vertical, created the vision, and shared the opportunity, it
became very real. I’m looking forward to see how big we can make this thing.

What is BloomWorlds?

BloomWorlds is developing Android’s family friendly app store, to help Android parents
discover safe, secure, and appropriate apps by utilizing our hands on approach to curation.

We will not have hundreds of thousands of apps, we will have hundreds, of the best
apps for the Android OS. We are planning to offer apps for the entire family and give our
developers fair, flexible, and innovative pricing options.

Partners? How did you find them?

We find many of our business partners through personal recommendations from other
entrepreneurs, Twitter and Linkedin leads, and through our startup incubator/accelerator the
Founder Institute’s preferred partner list.


  • Create an amazing app store that will add value to the Android ecosystem;
  • Be a positive role model to my nephew;
  • Make Vegas’ Tech scene relevant;
  • Live life without regrets.

If our attendees could solve any problem, what could they build for you?

An “Over the Air” install of apps from our website to the users mobile devices. It’s getting
complicated from a user experience standpoint, we want to simplify it.

How do you stay focused / productive? How do you get your day started?

I believe keeping in shape physically has a direct effect on my mental focus and overall
productivity. I like to drink protein shakes in the morning. I think yoga, and breathing exercising
help too.

What are three apps you couldn’t live without?

Twitter, Basecamp, and BloomWorlds…duh

Tips for new entrepreneurs?

Talk to as many entrepreneurs as possible to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly of
the lifestyle. I have found that most entrepreneurs like to help others, so just ask. Successful entrepreneurs have been there before so they get it; they understand the challenges you face. My advice would be to find a mentor in your domain space, ask questions, listen, and get back to work.

BloomWorlds is launching soon! Signup to be the first to know when they launch. Check out the BloomWorlds blog to find out more about the family friendly ecosystem. You can say “hi” to BloomWorlds on twitter: @BloomWorlds and in person at Startup Weekend Las Vegas.