And the teams have formed!


#SWLV 3 Is off to an amazing start!

Uses html5 and audio into an interactive pitching experience (i.e. replace PowerPoint)

Mobile kvetch
Based on gps knows what mcdonald’s you’re at, email a complaint
“Everyone has a right to a clean bathroom at Chili’s”

Honeydew todo list
Collaborative todo list for couples

Location based app showing where fans meet

Home connect
Connect your personality to a home and neighborhood. eharmony for people and houses

Pro say
Power of the law in your hands: do what hotshot lawyers do

Growing Up
first portal for early childhood education

Expedia for green hotels

Calendar thinggy
a better way to manage appointment setting

Phone 2 Action
connect people at the local level to act in concert to change policy

Pice Meals
sort recipes by price of meal

Launch key
Multipassword sharing to launch

Post to buy
Post anything you want to sell, with a twist

A huge hi-5 to everyone who got up and pitched their ideas! Let’s DO it!