Tips: How To Pitch

What’s in a good idea pitch? What should you say? How do you prepare?
This is your moment to sell 90 seconds of yourself and your idea to the audience. Before you stand up in front of everyone, so here’s a little homework.

Do Your Homework.

– What problem are you trying to solve?
– What is your value proposition?
– What is your true market size?
– Work on getting some early customer validation, talk to 1-2 potential customers (or friends) to uncover insight into what you might want to build over the weekend.

The Pitch.

– Introduce yourself
– Problem (Ex: Textbooks are too expensive for college students)
– Idea (Ex: Make content accessible for students, profitable for publishers)
– Benefit to customer (Why they should care)
– Market size (Ex: $4 billion)
– Your background – “I’m a designer/programmer/etc.”
– Who you need – “Marketing expert/ Programmers”
– What you want to build over the weekend – “Mobile app/API/etc.”

Practice. Practice.

Grab a few of your friends to practice your pitch. If they ask you what you mean about a concept, it’s usually a good sign to make your words more clear and concise. Remember, you only have 90 seconds to confidently say exactly what you mean.

Go Time.

Go get ‘em and have fun with it. “Less is more”, as long as you cover the important stuff.