Startup Weekend 6 Teams


The teams will present before the judges tomorrow in this order:

First up will be Band Aid, an online platform where individuals can support the band tours, and join the journey.

Band Aid

Second is Tired of Single, an online dating site for people who want to get married.

Third is Brand Kraze, an authentic way for brands to reach their prospective customers via social media.

Tired of Single

Fourth is Car FindIt, they engage dealership website visitors to register using their social media profile as a means for creating a dealer-specific car search.

Car Find It

Fifth is Plus1 Analytics, the first player management solution for the high-end table games business.

Plus1 Analytics

Sixth is Covalida. Covalida provides a one-click authoritative resources such as peer-reviewed journals and Google Scholar for consumers to verify marketing claims for themselves.

Ref Mate

Seventh is Fail Up, a platform where all entrepreneurs can monetize their failure and fund their next venture.

Ref Mate

Eighth is In Patent, a simplified way for attorneys to write patents and research.

Ref Mate

Ninth is Txtile, a visual content platform where the most popular content tiles stack to the top.

Ref Mate

Tenth is Ref Mate, an online membership community that enables independent Real Estate brokers to connect and exchange leads.

Ref Mate

Eleventh is Look Collective, the friend you call for help when you have a full closet and nothing to wear. Their app suggests new creatives ways to wear an item you already own. Anytime, day or night. You will be happy and look awesome!

Look Collective

Twelfth is Find Expert. Find Expert is a premium market place for experts, and experts only. They currently specialize in informational security content development, but are growing fast.

Find Expert

Thirteen is Trabaza. Trabaza enables employers to easily connect with qualified job candidates with no upfront costs.

Fourteen is OMG Jackpot. They host recurring slot machine tournaments through a free-to-download, free-to-play mobile app.

Co Team

Fifteen is Fresh Meet. The best way to manage all of the services you currently use and discover many more. We’ll increase your bottom line and save you time!

Co Team

Sixteen is Co Time, they turn your contacts into connections.

Co Team

Seventeenth is Story Book Maker. They create interactive, customized, personalized, and individualized storybook.

Co Team

Good luck to all the teams an we’ll see the grand prize winner at the finish line!

– Startup Weekend Las Vegas Team