And the teams are…


Startup Weekend Vegas #7 is well underway, here are the teams that made it past Friday night pitches:


Both Sides

A dispute resolution app.

Commercial Killer

Commercial Killer allows you to avoid commercial breaks on one or more live television shows. Channel surf and raid the frig all you want while never missing 1 minute of your event!

Pup pack

E-commerce site for pupack harness.

Ice tray

An Ice Breaker app for the shy but skilled.

College post

A website that helps students connect and interact with other classmates in a safe environment without having to release your personal info such as email, phone etc.. It is not social networking like Facebook where you get overwhelmed with all the information streams and is not study-friendly. The website will also have discounts from sponsors that are student-friendly and relevant to student life.

Slap stick

Players will be able to purchase taunts to send to their opponents screens. Such taunts include a pie to the screen, a fast finger maze, a series of dots that appear randomly on your screen. Each one of these taunts is cleared from the screen by one of the actions previously mentioned. Shaking your phone will clear a pie that has been thrown at you, swiping through the finger maze will remove the maze, taping the dots will remove them from your screen. In order to issue a taunt you swipe on your screen then flick your phone. The game is fast, funny, and interactive.

Neighborhood Conquest

We’re taking being mayor of a location on Foursquare to the next level by adding a strategic element and letting you conquer your neighborhood, one territory at a time.