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terrence yangTerrence Yang is a mentor and angel investor. His first angel investment was around 1999. He has a 40% exit rate. Terrence tip toed back into angel investing in March 2012.

Mentor and Angel Investor Highlights since 3/2012:

1. Mentored a number of startups, including startup acceleratees and the winner of Startup Weekend Orange County, November 2012.

2. Hold > $250,000 in equity of technology companies of various sizes and over $100,000 in cash earmarked for startups when the frothiness subsides.

3. Became Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the Leatherby Entrepreneurship Village at Chapman University, one of the top entrepreneurship programs nationally.

4. Selected to attend Y Combinator’s S12 Demo Day.

5. Achieved over 150,000 views on Quora in Q4 2012, a site that generates about 666,000 uniques per month. He writes mostly about startups to help entrepreneurs, and has over 500 followers.

6. Joined two angel networks, including the largest and most active in the country.

7. Asked to Chair the 2013 Tech Coast Angels Orange County Fast Pitch Competition.

8. Asked to CoChair the Tech Coast Angels hardware/software prescreen committee.

9. Developed a small, trusted group of active angels and angel fund managers who work outside angel groups to find, screen, diligence and invest in startups. Collectively, in 2012 investments per startup have totaled over $200,000.

10. Built and building relationships with some of the most accomplished and most promising entrepreneurs, advisers and accelerators in the country.

11. Selected to be lead mentor at 2013 Caltech FLOW clean energy startups.

12. Advise a college on their new accelerator/incubator.

Other Highlights:

1. Terrence spent 20 years in finance, the vast majority on Wall Street.

2. He was a lawyer and businessperson focused on building and closing transactions in innovative financial products.

3. With two other business people, he built Morgan Stanley headquarter’s first credit product in an area that is now a $300 billion plus net purchased amount product.

4. He is a former classmate and coworker of, and 2008 elector, delegate and fundraiser for, President Obama.

5. Terrence is currently President of the Harvard Law School Society of Orange County, California, and co-chaired his class reunion at Harvard Law in 2011.

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